Radko Christmas Tree Ornament Beautiful

Christopher Radko Ornaments 2019 – Additional Information Our Christopher Radko Gallery Customer Service Team is proud to maintain a 5 STAR Customer Rating and the Gold Seal of approval from independent customer reviews. As the Largest Retailer of Christopher Radko ornaments, we offer a huge collection of Personalized and Exclusive ornament styles only available from www. com! Christopher Radko Gallery offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $45 within the continental United States. Orders over $300 will receive a FREE full-size Radko ornament, orders over $600 will receive a second FREE ornament and orders over $900 will receive a third FREE ornament. For additional information, please view our special offers and order incentives. All Christopher Radko ornaments sold on Christopher Radko Gallery (www. com) are new with the original Radko tag and signature charm secured to the ornament top by the Radko crown. All ornaments are shipped with the Official Radko Gift Box. Christopher Radko ornaments are mouth blown, collectible glass Christmas ornaments handcrafted in Eastern Europe using time-honored Renaissance-era techniques. All Radko ornaments are made from tempered glass to help resist breakage and are hand-painted with water based paint.

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