Glass Christmas Tree Balls Gallery

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User Reviews (1) From a Christmas long ago, three clear /frosted colored glass Christmas tree ornaments. Two are indent in an elongated shape. The other a round stepped squatty style. Each ornament is slightly different in coloration. The squatty one is in a pinky red with green and yellow stripe lines. Top portion is frosted with the tip and base in clear glass. One of the elongated balls is pinky red around the center Next a band of frosted glass, edged in green and red stripes. Base and top are clear glass. The other elongated ornament is clear blue, indent center, with a band of red edged in white and yellow stripe. Base and tip are clear glass. The two elongated ornaments are 4″ tall x 6″ circumference completely around center. Squatty is 3″ tall x 7″ circumference completely around. The blue glass one does have a chip at the top just under the metal cap. It can be seen, however, the top is still very secure. The other elongated ornament has a different hanger but do believe it is an old one.

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