Bird Nest Christmas Tree Ornaments Trick

Getty Images Christmas is full of symbolism. Everything from holiday wreaths to candy canes and mistletoe have hidden meanings. But there are some traditions we’re still learning about, and one is the bird’s nest ornament. German Blown Glass Bird Nest Ornament Inge-Glas SHOP NOW While Inge Glas no longer has the legend included with the bird’s nest ornament on hand, a representative for the company confirmed to CountryLiving. com that “Birds are a tradition with German/European roots. ” As the legend printed with the ornament says: “It is a symbol of happiness and joy, an image of the soul that has been associated with freedom and elegance for centuries. ” Regardless of origin, the baubles make a beautiful and meaningful gift idea. Of course, you can always create your own using materials from the crafts store. But if you’d rather buy than DIY, there are designs made of metal, glass, and more, complete with clips or hooks for hanging from the branches of your evergreen. On Etsy, you can even get the eggs inside personalized with the names of your children. Some of the styles can span the seasons, so you can keep them up long after Christmas has come to a close.

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